A new map, Château Guillard is on the "Overwatch" public test realm and will be released in the game's live servers in the coming weeks. Aside from the fact that the name of the map is in French, it also gives out the hero with the same namesake--the French Sniper, Widowmaker. Here are the details so far about the upcoming map in the deathmatch level of Blizzard's popular first person shooter title.

PTR's latest additions

The "Overwatch" public test realm recently received an update that infused a couple of Deathmatch modes and a new map called Château Guillard.

The map is Widowmaker's namesake estate. A hint about the map was teased by Game Director Jeff Kaplan when the latest developer's update video was released. Kaplan said that there is a hint in the map that will reveal the hero's background as well as her present activities.


Heading Kaplan's hint, there are interesting details about the map containing Widowmaker's lore that hardcore fans have discovered. One of the most interesting finds is the existence of the map in the game's timeline. In the laptop found on one of the desks inside the castle, there is an email scribbled in French that when translated revealed another set of juicy facts.

The email contains the confirmation of the hero's flight to Nice.

She will be chauffeured by a limousine that will be waiting at the Còte d' Azur International Airport. In the latest comic released for Doomfist, one of the important settings is a Casino in Monaco. The email revealed that upon her arrival at the airport in Nice, she will travel for 30 minutes to Monaco. This could mean that the Chateau exists even before the Doomfist comic.

Aside from those details, there is also a plane ticket beside to the laptop. The ticket appears to be named after Danielle Guillard. She is assigned to take the 4A seat of the first class accommodation. Furthermore, the window in the dining room is a spider web with a Black Widow hanging at the center. A strong link to the Widowmaker's spider-themed aesthetic.

Brainwashing wearing off

On Reddit, a user by the name InfiniteTurbine shared another theory about the French Sniper of the game. According to the Redditor, a bookshelf that has Widowmaker's wedding portrait with her deceased husband Gerard Lacriox could be an indication that the brainwashing might have worn off. The user added that it is only recently that the hero returned to Château Guillard, only now. The Redditor believe that it is a strong sign that her entire memory was not completely erased and there is still a part of her that retains her previous life as Amelie Lacriox.

Heroes balance changes

Meanwhile, there are also several buffs coming to some "Overwatch" heroes in the games PTR. This includes Junkrat, Roadhog, Widowmaker, And Orisa to name a few. Fans are hoping that these upcoming changes could finally solve the issue several players have experienced in the game recently.