It seems Ubisoft has found the secret to introducing more and more features to “For Honor.” Recently, the studio opted to introduce an update to the game’s matchmaking system. This time around, a new kind of thing has arrived in the fighting-themed title.

Basically, the video game company has released the so-called Duel Tournaments in “For Honor.” Apparently, though, it is currently available to the game’s PC version only. But of course, if this proves to be a massive success, the developers are likely to bring it on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Introducing the Duel Tournaments

Ubisoft reportedly introduced the new in-game element in hopes to further build the core roots of the game. After all, as far as the video game industry is concerned, tournaments and/or competitions have been the primary focus of players and gamers alike. This is also pretty much true with the fighting game. As a matter of fact, the most interesting part of the title that players love the most is its combat system.

With the introduction of Duel Tournaments in “For Honor,” the studio wants to double down the competitiveness within the game. It is worth noting that these will be considered ranked tournaments in the future. For the meantime, however, it is currently available on the public test server of the game.

The video game company wants to acquire feedbacks and/or opinions from the community first. From there, they should be able to apply adjustments and/or improvements to these in-game tournaments.

How it will work in the game

The aforementioned “For Honor” tournament basically starts by placing players in a qualifier round. Here, they will have to complete at least 20 placement matches in order to determine their respective tiers.

These are namely, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Obviously, these tiers are there to ensure that the same group of players, with the same skill, will go up against each other. If they happen to be successful, climbing the ranking ladders should not be an issue.

As of this writing, the tournament will only be accessible via the PC version of “For Honor.” Ubisoft iterated that doing so is only right, considering the fact that the platform offers great flexibility.

The tournament, in particular, will begin come June 29 and will end on July 4. Through the public test server, players can expect the studio to be listening to feedbacks and, most especially, comments.