It holds true that “Pokemon GO” became a mess in Chicago’s Grant Park. Players who attended the event were met with connectivity issues, preventing them from playing any of the activities. Nevertheless, Niantic managed to redeem itself and make the game playable again. Well, this is thanks to the release of the Legendary creatures.

According to ComicBook, the titular Pokemon World Championships is set to acquire a special “Pokemon GO” creature. Believe it or not, this monster is not typically available in the game and thus players should be excited about this.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Kangaskhan is coming

The people behind the largest pocket monster event this year revealed that the region-locked Kangaskhan would soon arrive to the other regions. Yes, that is right – the creature will be released in Anaheim as soon as weekend arrives. The organizers decided to do so in hopes to further celebrate the confluence of fans and players. It is worth noting that the said pocket monster is only available in Australia, thus deemed a region-locked creature.

The spawns, in particular, will be happening in some areas of Anaheim. So for “Pokemon GO” players who want to catch Kangaskhan, they better ready themselves. It should be noted, too, that they do not need to attend the aforementioned championship just to capture the Pokemon.

They should be able to acquire it as long as they are within the said area. This is definitely a huge change, considering how players have always wanted to capture Kangaskhan.

Another region-locked creature is coming

Interestingly, the aforementioned creature will not be the only one coming in Anaheim. “Pokemon GO” players will also have the chance to capture Tauros, which is a regional-exclusive in North America.

Again, these Pokemon will be made possible thanks to the upcoming Pokemon World Championships. The latter is considered as the biggest annual competitive event in the history of the franchise. Hence it is expected for the organizers to make the celebration as massive as possible. Here, players will go up against players. They will play the trading card game, video game, and even the titular “Pokken Tournament.” From these games, the best one will be determined.

Apparently though, the event has no competitive “Pokemon GO” event included. Still, the organizers included the mobile game in the celebration. Players will be given the chance to capture the two region-locked exclusives. Going back to the event, participants will be given invites in order to join. They will be participating in various regional and international contests, all geared towards the end of the year.