For Honor” is without a doubt a great game, thus it is sad to see it is failing miserably. Since Ubisoft launched the fighting-themed title, the number of players never increased significantly. In fact, it continued to go down as each day passes by. Now, it is sitting at a player base loss of 95 percent.

Despite all the controversies “For Honor” experienced, it cannot be denied that the core gameplay of the title is both fun and exciting. Even with the numerous bugs and issues players get to experience, its technicality is still extraordinary.

Ultimately, the game is able to provide a unique experience that no other title in the same genre could offer. Unfortunately, though, it cannot change the fact that it is at the bottom of the competition.

What can Ubisoft do for redemption?

During this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft finally unveiled one of its upcoming game called “Skull and Bones.” Interestingly, it came as a surprise during the event, as the audience did not entirely expect the studio to unveil such game. Nevertheless, it is said to be revolutionary multiplayer IP, though somewhat similar to the aforementioned fighting game.

In reality, the video game company is once again developing a title that has the same concept as “For Honor.” This is why many believe that the new game, in one way or another, might share the same fate as the latter.

Believe it or not, though, not everyone thinks the same. That is because some believe that the studio might have learned a valuable lesson of not repeating the same mistake. Besides, the game has shown great potentials at E3.

A pirate’s adventure

It is said that “Skull and Bones” will offer a combat system similar to “For Honor’s.” The only difference, however, is that pirate ships are involved.

While it most certainly not the first game to offer pirates and stuff, its concept is still fascinating. It lets players think of how it feels like to be the one in charge of a pirate’s ship. Basically, players here will take the role of a ship captain and it is up to them to decide where to sail forward.

Perhaps Ubisoft now has a clearer understanding of what systems and/or features to introduce when developing games similar to “For Honor.” If the new game proves to be a success, then all those downfalls the studio experienced in the fighting game can be surpassed. The community might finally have something to look forward to and celebrate. Otherwise, it is most unlikely for the video game company to even win the hearts of the gamers and players alike.