Ubisoft is trying everything it can to make the gameplay experience in “For Honor” better. So far, there have been updates meant to satisfy players but on the whole, they have not really done so. The upcoming update, in particular, is hoped to be of real benefit to players.

According to PCGamesN, the studio’s forthcoming update 1.09 is expected to arrive on the PC version of “For Honor” come July 13. It will be bringing tons of quality of life improvements, alongside other fixes for issues and bugs. Perhaps the most interesting ones are the changes that will be made to the game’s Orders and Revenge.

Revenge getting nerfed

The update will bring changes that will nerf Revenge in-game. From there, players will begin to experience a drastic change in the way they earn Revenge moving forward. That is because they will earn less when it comes to 1 vs. X scenarios, preventing them from spamming their Revenge build-up in the game. This is a huge change, considering how this particular feature has helped shape the game as a whole.

In its most organic form, the update in “For Honor” changes the entire Revenge State. So, contrary to popular expectations, the changes to be introduced will not just be implemented on the feature’s particular area. This feature will be further expanded in other future updates, as Ubisoft plans to improve it from time to time.

Interestingly, the studio is also working on some brand new crowd-control mechanics, though they chose to keep those details under wraps.

Orders in balance

While some might be frustrated with the changes to Revenge, they might just be glad that Orders in “For Honor” will be lifted and/or balanced. The forthcoming update for the fighting-themed title will change the way the feature offers rewards and mechanics.

Basically, more rewards can be expected, encouraging players to do more than what their characters are capable of. More importantly, there will be simpler objectives for them to complete. This should allow players to stack objectives and complete them all at once.

Other than the good stuff in Orders, “For Honor” players will be given various game modes during the process.

Basically, these game modes will give them diversity in terms of gameplay experience. Ubisoft believes that if the game modes are not to be changed, players will still play the same mechanics over and over again. Of course, this is something that would only result in boredom and dissatisfaction. The update is expected to roll out in September.