Square Enix recently hinted on a special date for the next big reveal about “Final Fantasy VII Remake.” It might be the news that fans of the upcoming role-playing game have long been waiting for. Could it be the much-awaited release date of the upcoming title?

Latest game update

In a recent interview with French Publication Khisland Info, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto explained why the game developer has not released as many information since the game was announced at E3 2015. According to the game producer, announcements are reserved for special events and anniversaries.

He added that each title in the list of Square Enix has an established development planning and timeline.

Hashimoto said that they need to consult first to check on the project’s progress to be able to give relevant and interesting information to the public. The producer event hinted that there are many events that will happen this year. He cited the as examples the 30th anniversary of “FFXV,” the 20th anniversary of “FFVII,” and the 15th anniversary of “Kingdom Hearts.”

The game producer knew too well that fans are looking forward to these big events and for their part, he said that he wishes to show more to the fans to celebrate with them on these events. While he wanted to reveal more information to the fans, he said that he is restricted by the timeline.

In other words, the information that people from Square Enix reveal is based on the schedule on their calendar of activities.


From Hashimoto’s interview, there are several speculations that fans have already made. One is that the producer could be suggesting that Square Enix is perhaps planning something for the 20th anniversary of the “FFVII” for North America and Europe.

It is worth noting that the classic game was first released in Japan on January 199t. It was then followed by a September 1997 release in North America and November 1997 in Europe. Most likely, there would be a reveal, a release date announcement, or a new trailer about the game anytime between September and November 2017.

Other details

The development team of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” will most likely draw inspiration from the 2015 film, “Advent Children.” Perhaps it would follow the styles and changes in the narrative as well as the visual style. The game, as previously revealed will be released in three separate parts to enable the game developer to fit everything together and squeeze in extra features.