Game developer Niantic has revealed that popular and Psychic Pokemon Mewtwo will be available to acquire as an exclusive raid battle in "Pokemon GO." They also explain how it works.

Mewtwo as first Exclusive Raid Battle

The Exclusive Raid Battles will be the same with the old Raid Battles in the mobile game, but it will have slight changes. These new raids will appear in a period of time at the Gyms that are found all over the world. Players will be required to get invited to join the Exclusive Raid Battle unlike the old version of the raids.


For players who want to join in the exclusive raids, they will have to fulfill a requirement first. They should have successfully completed a normal Raid Battle in the past. The Raid Boss at the Gym where the upcoming Exclusive Raid will happen should be defeated by them first.

The players who will join the special raid battle will get an advance warning first. This warning will give them information of the time it will take place. This will let them prepare ahead of time before they can start it with the others.

Other powerful Pokemon soon

Mewtwo will be the first Pokemon that will become the raid boss in the Exclusive Raid Battle, but there might be others coming soon. After winning the raid battles, other powerful Pokemon might hatch from the Raid Eggs that can be found in it.

It will take several weeks before players are able to battle against these potential raid bosses in the future.

Players are advised to prepare their Pokemon team first before fighting the powerful psychic Pokemon Mewtwo. They must power up their Pokemon first and gain more experience by joining in other raids at Gyms nearby.

Legendary Pokemon available now

To celebrate in defeating a lot of Legendary Pokemon all over the world, Niantic will give chance to the other trainers to fight them again. They can catch Zapdos, Lugia, Moltres, and Articuno again in certain Raid Battles in Gyms. They can do this starting on Aug. 14 until Aug. 31.

Japan hosts stadium event

The game company launched a “Pokemon GO” Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan to reveal the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo to the world. The Japanese trainers fought against it and they were able to catch the Pokemon and add it to their Pokedexes.

Shiny Pikachu available worldwide

In other news, Shiny Pikachu was revealed in Japan, but now it is available all over the world. Several players all over the world reported that they have caught the rare Pokemon. It will be similar to the original version, but it will have a darker and orange coat.

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