There may be a trick to finding the Pamela Tapes in “Friday the 13th: The Game.” Aside from brutally killing the counselors and stepping into the shoes of iconic killer Jason Vorhees, players are more immersed in the game because of the Easter Eggs. One of the most popular Easter Eggs is the Pamela Tapes.

Pamela Tapes

In the “Friday the 13th: The Game,” Pamela Tapes refers to the recordings of the iconic killer’s mother Pamela Vorhees. It contains the conversation between Jason’s mother and the police as she narrates her son’s drowning and death.

In the game, there are 20 of these tapes randomly scattered around the map. Many players are having a hard time locating these tapes in the game.

On Twitter, a player asked the game’s official support account about the difficulty of finding the popular tapes. The game’s support account replied that while they do not give tips or spoilers, there might be a trick on how to find the tapes. The tweet was unfortunately deleted.


The statement from the game’s official support Twitter account has sparked interests among fans. Players have started speculating on what the trick might be. There is a popular but still unproven theory that the Trick is about wearing the blue sweater of Pamela Vorhees as a female counselor.

The sweater aids players in stunning the player-manipulated Jason and many believe that wearing it could make the task of finding the tapes easier. This theory is not yet proven because only a few players are equipped with the sweater.

Aside from the blue sweater theory, there is another theory that some players believe is the trick to finding the Pamela tapes.

Dubbed the Chad theory, in the game’s loading screen, Chad is described as a momma’s boy. The theory points out that the relationship between Jason and his mother is somewhat connected to finding the tapes.

Upcoming update

Meanwhile, Gun Media and Illfonic is preparing for the next update that will be released soon. The content is expected to introduce a new killer or a new Jason variant to the game.

Other fans are speculating that new skins might be released in the upcoming update along with bug fixes. Last week, it was revealed that the Team-Killing in Public Games will be scrapped when the update rolls out. The game developer has not yet provided the timeline for the release of the update. “Friday the 13th: The Game” is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.