This week, Blizzard's "Overwatch" became the subject of attention after fans disagreed on the new "reporting and punishment system" implemented in the game. In the 'Report System is a Failure' forum, game director Jeff Kaplan addressed the issue by saying there is still enough room for improvement and that the main focus right now is punishing players for bad behavior. Apparently, the game needs a stricter rule to reprimand players that fail to comply with the rules.

Some of the key problems include the community being too toxic. Players who tend to break the rules existed in almost all aspects of the game; something that they want to stop.

The system is being overlooked because no one fears it. Players who were banned for a week even laughed about it because they knew, they can eventually return to the game. Overall, the "Overwatch" community is being neglected, and some players are taking advantage of it.

Kaplan, on the other hand, assured the fans that they are doing what they can to improve the game. "In the short term, we are re-evaluating every punishment and are in the process of converting silences over to suspensions. We're also increasing the length of suspensions," he said. He also revealed that as much as they wanted to give the fans another chance, some are taking advantage of the system, hence the implementation of stricter rules.

Overwatch latest news and updates

In other news, Venture Beat reported that one of the best ways to practice the game is by delving to the "Deathmatch mode." Compared to the Competitive mode, the Deathmatch allows a player to roam a smaller map and acquire more skills in the process. Single play is allowed, giving enough room for new players to explore.

The other mode, on the other hand, fails to tolerate players quest to improve its character.

Gamescom, PTR, and test servers

Lastly, PC players can now try the "Overwatch" latest map called the Junkertown. Console players will be able to try the map on the PTR servers while PC players can get access directly from the test servers.

Blizzard announced the new map at the recent Gamescom event. Interestingly, the team also made some tweaking on some of the characters including Widowmaker, Junkrat, Orisa, and Roadhog.

Meanwhile, other notable updates on the "Overwatch" game include more shooting with fewer objectives, a rework on the ranked season, and the buff on the quadrupedal tank Orissa. This quality of life for Orissa is a game changer to its character since joining the team.