Mario + Rabbids” came off as an utter shock when it leaked before its official release at E3 2017. Needless to say, the reception towards the game was extremely negative as many players did not approve of Rabbids. What’s more, a good number of fans didn’t place their trust in Ubisoft, which only hurt the game’s reputation even more. However, fans slowly began to love the game after more information slowly began rolling out. From where it stands right now, “Mario + Rabbids” will go down as one of the biggest turnarounds in gaming history. The game has just gotten its day one Patch which adds a few new stuff.

Full patch notes

While “Mario + Rabbids” is pretty smooth from the get go, the day one patch helps smooth out its initial quirks. According to Nintendo Life, the update improves the game’s stability, audio, UI, and also fixed some localization issues. However, that isn’t the only thing the patch fixed as the Skill Tree reset is now free. Moreover, the Tacticam (tactical camera) now displays deployable card information with its special effects. The bosses’ AI has also improved while some collision issues during the exploration phase have been patched.


That aside, you can now select the supported languages once you launch the game for the first time. Similarly, you can also select the supported languages and the story mode via the main menu.

In line with this, Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese have been added to the languages. You can also view the Additional Contents (AOC) in the main menu.


Moving on, the 2D weapons have been updated to merge better with the 3D models. The level of details has also been improved during the exploration phase, while the reward board that appears after combat is now in 3D.

Finally, the patch also improved the technics preview during battles.


Ending off the patch list, the update adds two new cinematics when you complete the main adventure. Similarly, if you reach 100 percent in your completion save, return to Peach’s Castle for another cool cinematic.

“Mario + Rabbids” is a tactical title exclusive to the Nintendo Switch that combines both fan favorite Mario characters and silly Rabbid characters.

Characters come equipped with blasters for weapons, and the battle scenes are seamlessly tied in with the exploration. So far, both fans and critics have given the game positive reviews for its sense of detail and quirky characters. Those who want to try the game can buy a copy now.