Blizzard Entertainment has been rolling out updates to its team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game, “Overwatch.” The video game developers keep spoiling players with new events, modes as well as characters.

With “Overwatch” players complaining about other gamers who are not playing well during the Competitive Play, the video game developer will set out new rules. One of Competitive Season 6’s new rules will come along with the demotion of gamers across all ranks when they keep losing.

According to Game Rant, the demotion is no longer just for the high ranking gamers.

Now, players in the Gold and Silver levels will also be demoted when they lose in a game. However, even if the high ranking “Overwatch” players are demoted, points earned after the Competitive Season ended will still come from them.

According to Comic Book, the game’s community manager, Lylirra, made it known that “Overwatch” players who will win a game will never be demoted. Thus, if players are close to being downgraded, they will keep their levels if they keep winning and they can start ranking themselves up.

Other changes in the Competitive Season 6

Nonetheless, the upcoming competition will also have other changes. The video game developer also tweaked the Skill Ratings that will be awarded to gamers.

“Overwatch” players can pick out any other player they like to play with during the competition. In preparation for the forthcoming Competitive Season 6, the game developer also nerfed several characters. The nerfed characters include D.Va, Junkrat as well as the nano-biologist and the field medic, Mercy.

A number of players noticed that after their fellow contestant utilized their Ultimate, Mercy can hang loose and can restore an entire team.

However, the nerf will no longer allow the character to restore an entire team. The field medic is only allowed to restore one teammate and would relax for about 30 seconds.

The video game developer will also change the control maps. The Competitive Season 6 will feature best out of three. Wherein, the placement of the “Overwatch” player will more accurately reflect their skill level from the start.

New punishment system

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment punishes “Overwatch” players who will quit a game early on to refrain from losing. The PC version of the video game has already utilized the punishment system, but the game developer has yet to announce whether the system will be implemented to the gaming consoles in time for the much awaited Competitive Season 6. The competition will start on August 31.