Fans of the hit fantasy drama TV series, “Game of Thrones,” were astonished when a NeoGAF user spotted on Target website’s listing that seemingly suggested that the Bethesda video game company could be working on a video game of the TV series. However, the rumored video game appears to be a hoax.

A Target website rep has come forward to claim that Bethesda is not working on a “Game of Thrones” video game. The spokesperson stated that the listing appeared on Target’s site is not even a real product.

Reasons why the video game is a hoax

According to Forbes, there were two things that made the listing on Target’s website very questionable.

First, the fact that it did not seem to be a real placeholder listing as it only has a single phrase. Second, a website would definitely remove genuine leaks very quickly.

The publication site also pointed out that the Target listing for the “Rockstar: Game of Thrones” makes it more absurd. However, the listings could indicate that the two companies will collaborate on an open-world game that would be set in “A Song of Ice And Fire” world.

Though Bethesda’s “Game of Thrones” video game has already been enlightened, it remains undeniable that enthusiasts of the TV series are having a yearning desire for a video game adaptation. Nonetheless, the video game adaptations of the TV series that have been launched were disappointing.

Fans already witnessed two adaptations come to fruition. Cyanide Studios and Focus Home Interactive rolled out an adaptation back in 2012. Telltale launched its own adaptation in 2014. Telltale is reportedly working on the second season.

As for the TV series, the Season 7 wrapped up with an epic final episode. Wherein, fans witnessed the true parentage of Jon Snow.

The final episode of the TV series showcased The Night King and Ice Dragon breaking The Wall. In spite of that, fans are already looking forward to the Season 8 of the TV series.

Season 8 release date

Although the studio has yet to officially announce the details of the Season 8, it is expected to fire up in late 2018 or early 2019.

But, the Season 8 will likely telecast in 2019, according to Hollywood Reporter. Nevertheless, showrunners D. B. Weiss and David Benioff made it known that the Season 8 will only have six episodes. Fans are expecting that each episode in the “Game of Thrones” Season 8 will be a feature-length, which would be around 60 mins to 120 minutes.