Overwatch” is slated to get a lot of new updates very soon, and they’re gearing up to deliver their second batch of content. The previous PTR patch has just hit the live servers, bringing all of the changes along with it. This new update brought the highly-anticipated Junkertown map along with a few hero changes. Let’s take a look at the patch notes for the latest “Overwatch” patch posted by Blizzard.

Escorting another payload

Since the game’s release, we’ve yet to get an actual new payload map. While Eichenwald might have involved a moving cart, it wasn’t a full payload map.

However, Blizzard has taken note of this. Thus they’ve created Junkertown – a new escort stage based in Australia. According to blizztrack.com, this new area is now playable on the PTR following the latest patch, so go ahead and try it out once you’ve finally downloaded it.

As we all know, Junkertown is a crucial area in the lore as it marks a somewhat historical spot in “Overwatch” history. During the omnic crisis, the humans rebelled against the machines which ultimately caused a dangerous explosion in the area. The result of the explosion led to the Australian Outbacks becoming something straight out of “Mad Max.” The whole area eventually became known as Junkertown – a place that’s home to a band of lawless scavengers known as the Junkers who is led by the Queen.

The payload you and your team will be delivering relates back to the animated short featuring Roadhog and Junkrat who planned on blowing up the Queen’s hideout after trying to return to the area.

Hero changes

Blizzard has also been testing out some new changes with D.Va and Mercy as evident by the previous PTR patch. The two have gotten a slight rework with the Korean tank hero trading off her defensive options with more offensive capabilities, while the Support hero has gotten a new ultimate ability.

In line with this, D.Va’s new Micro Missiles now do 20 percent less damage, while Mercy no longer has an increased fire rate or damage boost. Similarly, her flight speed has been lowered from 11 to 9.

These changes should still make the heroes powerful as D.Va can now fire while flying. Meanwhile, Mercy shouldn’t be too powerful once nano boosted by Ana, yet she can still fend off enemies when she needs to. The Mercy rework saw a very powerful support hero who could destroy the battlefield with her ultimate ability. Those who want to try out the changes can download the “Overwatch” PTR on the PC.