The highly anticipated release of the Lupkow Pass map of In the Name of the Tsar DLC in “Battlefield 1” is allegedly revealed in the latest leak from Amazon. Aside from that a Revolution Pack for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC was also disclosed to be released in the game.

Latest leak

A few days ago, Amazon France listed that “Battlefield 1” Revolution Pack will be available to players starting August 22. The said pack will include the base game and Premium Pass along with four planned expansions that will be released on Microsoft console, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Apart from the Revolution pack, several reports claim that the leak also points to the release date of the Lupkow Pass map of the Russian DLC.

Previous hints

A few weeks earlier, DICE has noted that a revolution is arriving in its popular first person shooter game for the Gamescom. Many fans presumed that the game developer is referring to the In the Name of the Tsar Expansion content as it focused on the Russian revolution during the First World War. The latest leak from Amazon France, however, may have spilled the beans the game developer has been keeping under its sleeves. If the latest leak is accurate, DICE is referring to the Revolution Pack that will be added as a game edition.

What’s coming in August?

The collective presumption now in the community is that DICE will release the first map of the In the Name of the Tsar DLC—the Lupkow Pass. The game developer has previously confirmed that they are releasing the map to the game on August 2017 earlier than the Russian DLC officially launches. This is in relation to the developer’s target of introducing new content to the game consistently every month.

In the gaming industry, the month of August is a dry season as new contents were seldom released. Instead of making another map, it is possible that the game developer decided to release one of the maps from its upcoming expansion earlier than scheduled.

Aside from the Lupkow Pass, players can also expect a livestream in the upcoming Gamescom from DICE.

This will start on August 21. Moreover, it is expected that during this event, the developer will reveal more information about the content of the DLC’s game mode. Among these could be the mode’s Supply Drop, In addition, previews for the expansion’s new weapons and new vehicles are also expected to be launched.

In the Name of the Tsar's Lupkow Pass in “Battlefield 1” is expected to be available to players on August 22. The release will also include the Revolution Pack, which can be purchased for $59.99, as leaked by Amazon France.