Blizzard has already released the Doomfist update a few days ago in the game’s live servers. The next update, dubbed as the Patch 1.14 is now rolled out in the public test region of “Overwatch.” The upcoming update is massive in size and it will greatly please Roadhog and Junkrat players.

Patch 1.14

Blizzard is slowly rolling out Patch 1.14 in the game’s public test region. The upcoming update is massive in terms of file size as it will consume 4.18 GB of space. Lead Software Engineer Bill Warnecke shared on Reddit that the update is large because it would include several adjustments on the file formats of the game.

He revealed that with a size this huge, Blizzard will utilize background downloader so as not to overload the client distribution servers. The entire process of sending the patch on PTR will take a couple of days to complete.

File Format Adjustments

While the lead software engineer did not reveal more details on the file format adjustments that Blizzard will soon release to the game, many players in the community speculate that it could potentially be more on restricting datamining activities. Players have been sufficiently provided with information from datamining activities that gave them a heads up of the things that the developers are working on or will later introduce in the game. If the assumptions about the file format adjustments are true, gathering information about the upcoming updates not revealed by the developer will be a tough job.

Heroes’ changes

Aside from the file format adjustments, Warnecke also revealed that changes on Roadhog and Junkrat would also be made available with Patch 1.14. A few days ago, the game’s principal designer Geoff Goodman confirmed that Roadhog is still in the works. Players will see some defensive buff to the hero that would include an increase in his survivability.

In addition, his Take A Breather Ability even when used can still make him move at full speed. Moreover, he is expected to take 50 percent less damage now when healing.

On the other hand, Junkrat’s Ultimate, RIP-Tire, is expected to be buffed with patch 1.14. It was previously revealed that the Australian hero’s mobility will be increased with several adjustments on his Concussion Mine.

In other “Overwatch” news, fans are now anticipating the return of Summer Games 2017 along with the event-exclusive brawl, Lucioball. So far, there were lots of leaks and datamine information that are pointing to the coming back of the exciting summer event that was introduced in 2016. If the recent speculations are accurate, fans would be enjoying the event anytime this week.