A few days ago, Niantic released "Pokemon GO" version 0.69.1 on Android and 1.39.1 on iOS. This update was launched mainly to fix app crashes, especially for iPhone 6 users. However, it looks like there's still a ton of complaints in regards to the "Pokemon GO" app’s stability.

Niantic is struggling to keep up

It seems to be a rough time for Niantic as of the moment, due to the fact that not only did the first anniversary of "Pokemon GO" in Chicago met with several issues and disappointments, but as well as the app’s most recent update. With players reporting an app crash or a forced close several instances in a day.

In fact, according to GameRant, several "Pokemon GO" trainers are reportedly experiencing an increase in app crash-rates. A complete opposite to what the update is designated to do.

Why stability is a big deal in Pokemon GO

This issue is definitely not a laughing matter, especially for the long time dedicated "Pokemon GO" players. Let’s say for example you are doing a legendary battle Raid. As of now, we all know that legendary Pokemon will only be available for a limited amount of time.

What if you only had the free time to try and catch a legendary Pokemon on its last day of being in the wild. But due to the app crashing, you’ve missed your golden opportunity to catch a Lugia or a Moltres with perfect IVs.

Won’t that be a bummer?

Well, here’s a probable solution to that concern coming straight from Niantic. These steps apply in a situation where a "Pokemon GO" trainer exits an ongoing battle raid due to a crash, and the raid ends just before the trainer could get back into the game.

What to do if Pokemon GO crashes?

The first thing you will need to do is to is get out or exit the app, clear its cache and then restart "Pokemon GO." After this, click on the PokeGym and wait on the raid boss details screen.

Once done, you automatically get transferred to the page you were one before the crash. Also, it is important not to click the battle button while you are on the details page.

Another reminder that the Niantic customer service representative shared is that it is of utmost importance that you do these steps while the raid is still active.

Normally, raids last for two hours and it is better to rejoin in advance, rather than struggle to cram for a spot in the raid with no time left.

As of the moment, experiencing glitches and crashes during raid battles is not considered by Niantic as reimbursable. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more "Pokemon GO" cheats, tips and tricks!