A couple of weeks back, Niantic decided to shut down gyms in “Pokemon GO,” as they planned to make some major improvements. That day arrived and players were left with no gyms to either attack or defend. However, when the system resurfaced, everyone was pleased with the changes made.

There is no doubt that, so far, the changes and/or improvements made to gyms are a step to taking “Pokemon GO” in the right direction. However, if there is one aspect of the feature that needs to be reviewed, it is none other than the reward system. According to Forbes, this particular area does not provide players the rewards they are entitled to.

Why the change must be done

In the previous version, players could easily acquire at least 10 coins and 500 Stardust the moment they held or defended a single spot in gyms. They could even rake a whopping amount of these items in a single day. Unfortunately though, these have been toned-down in the new gym system version. A single Pokemon can only earn at least one coin in every 10 minutes (as long as players hold a gym), while the max amount of counts obtainable in a day is 50. This is not to mention the fact that gyms no longer reward players with Stardust, though these can be earned by feeding allied pocket monsters with a berry.

Niantic actually has a purpose for introducing this new reward system in “Pokemon GO” gyms, and it is completely understandable.

Basically, with the new process, the developers hope to reduce the insane amount of coins and Stardust obtainable in-game. This becomes an exploit especially to players who own high-powered creatures and thus create an imbalance. If the studio allows such, it directly defeats their purpose of restricting the gym system which is to provide a well-balanced gameplay experience.

Rack up the new coin system a bit

The problem with the rewards system in gyms is the fact that it is somewhat unrewarding for “Pokemon GO” players. After all, they need to be rewarded for their efforts, most especially when they are able to defend an attack. Perhaps the studio could have resorted to lowering the amount of coins and Stardust obtainable.

This should somehow resolve the exploit while giving players something to look forward to.

Fortunately, Niantic admitted that the new gym system is still a work in progress in “Pokemon GO.” It is expect to undergo a couple of adjustments and/or changes if the studio finds them necessary. However, until that happens, players will have to satisfy themselves with the current reward system.