Niantic announced previously that a new feature will arrive to “Pokemon GO” as part of the massive update. This feature, in particular, is called the Raid Battle. The system came alongside the newly revamped gyms, something that the studio also promised to improve due to players complaining about how boring it has become.

Raid Battle, as of this writing, is already live on “Pokemon GO.” If players find a group trying to battle a certain monster, they can try to participate in defeating it. Basically, this feature allows trainers to group up with other trainers in a goal to defeat the Raid bosses.

Once they are successful, they will be receiving rewards and in-game bonuses. The developers iterated that through this, players should be able to enjoy a new gameplay experience.

There is a catch though

Apparently, raids are not to be enjoyed by most players in the hit augmented reality game. Why? That is because they need to be at least level 35 or above in order to participate. Otherwise, they will have to sideline themselves and watch as others battle powerful pocket monsters. In other words, only players who were able to accumulate at least six million or more experience points since the day the game arrived can join the raids.

Obviously, some players, most especially the lower levels, did not like what the “Pokemon GO” developers implemented.

After all, they have been dying to experience raids in the game. Fortunately, though, this is deemed as a temporary measure only and that Niantic will eventually change it in time. Although this is confirmed to happen, the studio did not provide any specific details as to when.

Why high-level players are only allowed to participate

Believe it or not, there is actually a plausible reason why the company opted to make raids available to high level “Pokemon GO” players only. First and foremost, raid bosses are considered extremely powerful. So, in a sense, it is only right for low-level players to stay away; after all, they are unlikely to contribute significant damage during battles.

Lastly, testing this feature with 35 level trainers or above will allow the studio to understand the complexity of the feature within the game.

If there is a need to nerf or something, Niantic will be able to determine this through the experience of high level “Pokemon GO” players. Besides, this system is still new, so it is completely understandable if adjustments are to be made. Not only because they are required, but they are necessary in order to promote balance. As the day goes by, the company can be expected to release more information about the new feature as a whole.