A couple of weeks ago, developer Niantic revealed that gyms would become inaccessible in “Pokemon GO.” It is a temporary move, as they plan to remodel the system this summer. Apparently, though, the studio during the time of announcement did not provide any specific date for the closure. This made the fans anticipate every day, as they surely do not want to be left out.

Fortunately, the studio has recently released a new update about “Pokemon GO” gyms. The exact shutdown date has basically been unveiled. From here, players will not be able to access the feature for a particular amount of time.

It is reportedly part of the company’s future summer patch plans.

Shut down date for the gyms

Niantic revealed that they would be closing up all gyms in the hit augmented reality game tomorrow, June 19. Again, this will only be temporary, and the studio has every plan to reactivate it later on. But as far as to when it will be back, this remains a mystery. Nevertheless, the developer iterated that they will release further information about it.

Pokemon GO” gyms are being shut down, as the studio tries to introduce some “exciting new features.” In its most organic form, this is a way to remodel the entire structure of the feature. The decision to do so came after the studio heard all the feedbacks and complaints from the community.

Some players are suggesting that gyms have become an avenue for exploiters. The latter are fond of stockpiling high-powered pocket monsters (i.e. Dragonite and Blissey), something that only made the gameplay worse.

What to expect after the gym remodeling

There are rumors within the “Pokemon GO” community suggesting that this shutdown is part of a larger update this summer.

It should be noted that in the past, Niantic has already teased about the arrival of Legendary creatures and some exciting features on the said timeline. The only catch, however, is that they were not generous in providing an exact date. Hence many are still skeptical about the arrival of these Pokemon and features.

Nonetheless, the studio confirmed that after the remodeling of “Pokemon GO” gyms, a new update would be unleashed.

This update, in particular, will be focused on bringing a collaborative group of gameplay features. Although the company did not explicitly mention what these are, they promised that these features would change the way the game is played for the better. For those who are wondering what will happen to their buddies once the gym closure happens, know that the Pokemon assigned will return to their trainers automatically.