DSPStanky had a very interesting experience in the “Overwatch” community. From being a rookie, he quickly climbed the charts and became the best Lucio player. Unfortunately, fans will no longer see him streaming and playing soon.

According to Dot Esports, the titular Twitch streamer will be skating away from “Overwatch” in the next few months or so. Believe it or not, his reason for doing so is quite emotional and at the same time personal. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Saying goodbye to the best Lucio player

DSPStanky announced his departure from the game via a Twitlonger post.

For him, he can already feel his own “personal enjoyment of the game fading.” He no longer has the passion unlike before. Moreover, he thinks that his relevance in the scene is starting to “run its course.” It is definitely a sad turn of events, as he is considered to be the most exciting Lucio player out there. “I’d like to make a graceful exit instead of waiting until I have a meltdown on stream or something similar,” he said.

The aforementioned “Overwatch” player’s run was not impressive at first, like so many popular streamers of today. People doubted him for a reason or two. He first played Lucio using a console. He would stream his matches on Twitch in which he gradually acquired a huge following.

Later on, fans mocked and challenged him, saying he was only better when using console. This gave him an idea to practice playing Lucio on PC. He even documented his experience, chronicling his climb to success. He proved his haters wrong, so to speak.

The kind of Lucio player he was

DSPStanky is known for being a hyper-aggressive Lucio in “Overwatch.” He has his own style of playing the character, one that is unique on its own.

He can be seen sliding on walls and jumping from one building to another. His Lucio could even defeat even the most highly mobile character like Genji. He has own way of interchanging the character’s healing and speed boost. More importantly, his hero can eliminate opponents like a true DPS character. It is a rare thing for a support to do.

However, his popularity in “Overwatch” has taken its toll on him. He had to make sure that in every stream, he would do something stellar. Heck, he cannot just change to a different hero, as viewers would tend to complain. For him, this was not the kind of thing he wanted at the first place. “I was never in it for the fame or titles,” he explained.