Niantic recently introduced a new feature in “Pokemon GO” called Raid Battles. It enabled players to team up with other players to take down extremely powerful pocket monsters. However, not everyone was allowed to join, as there was a level requirement of 35 or above.

As expected, tons of "Pokemon GO" players went to the studio to complain, wondering why it had to have such a requirement. The company, later on, explained that the feature itself was still a work in progress, therefore, adjustments will be made. Indeed, the level was brought down to 25.

Niantic drops the level requirement again

For some unknown reason, though, Niantic decided to bring the level requirement to 20. This was the second adjustment the studio did since the original requirement. According to Forbes, this appears to be an ongoing experiment from the developers’ side, as they try to understand what level pool works best for Raid Battles. For what it is worth, players are without a doubt pleased with the adjustments.

Pokemon GO” enthusiasts suggest that the new level requirement will be the last one. It can already be deemed as a dividing line that lets players move towards a so-called “endgame.” Obviously, raids, in one way or another, are to be considered the game’s endgame content.

If the studio decides to lower it further, its effect to the overall gameplayer will become dissatisfying. Besides, the developers surely do not want to see low-level players battling tier four monsters. It simply does not make sense.

A new raid tier

Currently, raids offer a total of four tiers in “Pokemon GO” and each of these represent a certain level of difficulty.

The higher the tier is, the more powerful the raid bosses are. However, there are rumors suggesting that a fifth tier exists. This is believed to involve the highly anticipated Legendary creatures. The speculations sprouted from Niantic’s promise to unleash these creatures alongside the new feature. If this is true, and summer is fast approaching, these special beasts could possibly be tier five’s raid bosses.

Niantic might have kept this from the general public for one obvious reason: raids are still unstable in "Pokemon GO." Otherwise, they would not have lowered the level requirement for the second time. Perhaps the company is still trying to find a way to make the inclusion of the Legendary beasts seamless. Regardless, this is something that fans look forward to.