Niantic recently gave “Pokemon GO” a genuine multiplayer function in the form of Raid Battles. This feature lets players work as a team to defeat a bigger monster called raid bosses. So far, everything is doing well in favor of the studio.

Of course, for “Pokemon GO” players, it does not always mean success. They also struggle in fighting these raid boss. This is only right, though, as making the challenges easy will not do any good to the overall gameplay experience. But for those who want to succeed in these raids, here are some tips worth checking out.

Reach the required level first

Before, the required level for players to join raids is either level 35 or above. Niantic later changed it to 20, allowing as many players as they can to try and enjoy the game. But of course, to those who barely play the game, the new level could still come as a bit of a stretch.

So the idea here is to reach level 20 first before even thinking of joining raids. Grind those experience points hard until you reach it. Remember: strong-arming your way to this feature will not work. The studio designed the raid bosses in a way that the appropriate players, with acceptable level, can go fight them.

Stock those Raid Passes

Basically, “Pokemon GO” players are only allowed to join raids once a day.

After they participate in a raid, they will have to wait for the next day to begin another raid party. However, there are raid passes that can bypass this rule. These are earned through visiting PokeStops each day to get a brand new one. Players may also choose to purchase them in the in-game shop using real-time currency.

The technique is to stock as many raids passes in “Pokemon GO.” That way, when a raid happens, and players just want to join, they have something to grab on them.

Maybe they have already participated in a raid, but they still want to experience more. Raid passes are key.

Go for the best team

Again, raids in “Pokemon GO” are all about working as a team. As long as players work together, they can guarantee a win. However, it is best to go with a team that has enough firepower to battle raid bosses.

Find other players that have better, if not best, CP Pokemon. These creatures should be sufficient to work their way through the bosses.

More importantly, be sure to communicate well with the team before starting a raid. “Pokemon GO” players must first strategize their attacks, which can be done by working on the roster of creatures. This should help them complete the raids successfully.