Many had doubts when Niantic announced “Pokemon GO” Fest, which will happen next month. However, as soon as the tickets went live Monday, they were immediately bought. It turns out a lot of players are actually excited to be part of this historic event.

Pokemon GO” Fest will serve as a celebration of the mobile game’s first year anniversary. The studio wants it to be an avenue where players from the around the world can meet and greet. But of course, there is more to this than the usual social aspect of it.

Challenges, rewards and increased Pokemon encounters

Niantic will have players work alongside with other players in Chicago’s Grant Park in order to surpass challenges. Once they are successful, they will be able to acquire rewards and bonuses. The challenges, in particular, should be completed within the day; otherwise, they will not be able to unlock various in-game rewards. The studio will reveal specific details about these in the next few weeks or so.

Apart from the aforementioned, there will be an increased appearance of “Pokemon GO” monsters during the event.

As a matter of fact, the studio will include other pocket beasts that have yet to be seen in the park. This is definitely a great opportunity for players to fill up their Pokedex. Well, provided they will be there and join the event.

Special PokeStops, In-App Medal, and More

Niantic also revealed that other kinds of stuff are coming to “Pokemon GO” Fest.

For instance, there is an exclusive in-app medal, which symbolizes the event on July. This can be seen on a player’s profile, something is deemed unique in the game. As for the special PokeStops, some of these will award special 2 km eggs. To start, the studio will introduce these through a special walking course, which the company has yet to detailed.

Again, this sort of thing can only be obtained during the event and at the park.

It is worth noting that the developers of “Pokemon GO” will also be unleashing several events in Europe. This will go live together with the Fest in Chicago. Some shopping centers across the continent will work as PokeStops, though the studio has yet to reveal the special items included. Nevertheless, this is something that European fans should be looking forward to. Furthermore, the events, unfortunately, will not include the highly anticipated Legendary pocket monsters. While this is true, they are still confirmed to arrive sometime this summer.