Niantic Labs released the latest update for the augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go.” The latest update adds excitement to the interesting weeks that previously reworked the Gym and added the Raid Battles. While the recent update is just minor as it focused mainly on bug fixes, there were several discoveries datamined in the latest APK that revealed something that players should get excited about.

Latest leaks

Among the latest leaks about the upcoming first-year birthday celebration of the popular augmented reality game is the appearance of Rare Pikachu.

According to a report published by Slash Gear, a reliable source who chose not to be named tipped them that Shiny Pikachu would be revealed. The site added that the creature has been concealed in the game’s code already and was just waiting to be introduced to the game. They also revealed that players should expect that the Shiny type of pocket monster would appear as having magenta cheeks and more orange color.

There were also datamined codes discovered in the recently released APK. In the Silph Road’s subreddit, folks in the community shared that they have discovered the code ONE_YEAR_ANNIVERSARY. The collective assumption is that Niantic Labs is preparing something massive for the game’s upcoming celebration.

Latest update

The most recent update released on June 30 for the augmented reality game rolls out minor fixes to the mobile game. For the past couple of weeks, the game developer has been releasing massive changes including the Gym Rework and the Raid Battles. It is just right that they release this update to iron out the glitches.

Among the fixes that are applied to the game are fixes for character height and minor battle buffer issues.

Legendary Battles

There are other reports that there will be a Legendary Egg level for Raid Battles. This information reveals that there is a big possibility for a Legendary Pokemon Battle to happen in the game soon. Interestingly, if this is accurate, players will not only get the Legendaries but could also use them in Raid Battles.

Additionally, there are also several tweaks on the Raid bosses of the game. In the first wave, pocket monsters like Arcanine, Charizard, Electabuzz, Lapras, Snorlax, Tyranitar, and Magikarp will be in the next raid battles of the game.

Another big fest

Aside from the leaks, another highly anticipated event is the "Pokemon Go" Fest that was announced by the game developer earlier this year. A previous report about a leaked permit application to the Chicago Park District turned out to be the game's massive fest. The Chicago-based event will be would be one of the global events that fans can participate in. The festival will have three team lounges, which will face a Gym Video Pillar. In addition, the Petrillo Music Shell will be used as the stage for the ultimate gym.