A couple of months ago, many believed that “Pokemon GO” was dead. It was even losing a good chunk of players, all contributing to the speculation. However, Niantic found a way to redeem the game.

First, there were changes made on the anti-cheat system of “Pokemon GO.” Cheaters and/or spoofers were reprimanded or, worse, banned. The studio even went after players who use third-party software or apps that directly violated the Terms of Service of the game. Lastly, a new set of features were introduced: the Raid Battles and the newly revamped gym system.

Company’s revenue ballooned

Eventually, Niantic has reached the success they hoped for the mobile game. According to Ubergizmo, the company has made at least $1.2 billion in Revenue thanks to the game. It would have been possible for the studio to reach the figure had the game plummeted to rock bottom. Besides, the estimated downloads of 752 million are proof to that. This is indeed an impressive statistic considering the storm the game went through.

While the sales growth of “Pokemon GO” is doing well, it cannot be denied that its monthly active players pale in comparison. Reports have it that for the month of June, there were about 60 million players who played the game. For the month also, there was at least 20 percent of these users activating and/or opening the game each day.

Unfortunately, this is a huge drop compared to the numbers in May, which was around 100 million.

The game shows signs of success

Despite the numbers, enthusiasts believe that “Pokemon GO” will continue to thrive in the months to come. It did not show any signs of stopping, considering the features Niantic gave. In fact, the present numbers of the game are still enough to defeat even the most competitive rival of the game such as “Clash of Clans.”

The drought just had something to do with players’ gameplay experience.

They had no other fuel or reason to play the game except for catching pocket monsters. Of course, this changed recently with the addition of events and/or new features.

With the arrival of Raids Battles, the number of players in “Pokemon GO” increased once again. This is an indication that the popularity of the game heavily relies on the hype.

Many believe that once this hype dies down, the numbers will be back to normal again. Perhaps Niantic will find a way to keep this momentum going, such as the inclusion of Legendary creatures and more features.