The beauty of “Horizon Zero Dawn” goes beyond the game play and aesthetics it offers. The real gem of the game are the secrets it hides, waiting to be unraveled by the curious players. After all, their purpose in the title would be entirely defeated if otherwise.

According to ScreenRant, developer Guerilla Games has given the fans of “Horizon Zero Dawna massive world to explore from the perspective of Alloy. While there are quests or missions to follow, sometimes players just need to get out of the norm and explore whatever there is to explore.

Here are some of the hidden gems that make the game a diamond in the industry.

Armor Invincibility

Believe it or not, this can be acquire using the Power Cells found in the game. These are not just part of the design of the map, as they are key to obtaining the best armor the game could ever offer: the Shield Weaver. This armor renders Aloy invincible by projecting a sort of shield around her. This shields player from any form of attacks from the machines, including the heavy ones.

Unfortunately though, like any other shield in “Horizon Zero Dawn,” it also has its own weakness. Well, not really a biggie, but it needs to be charged occasionally in order to be used next time.

The Death Stranding item

Remember Hideo Kojima’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) surprise last year? He dropped the trailer for his mysterious game called “Death Stranding.” No one has really a concrete idea about what the game is all about, but everyone knows that Kojima will be using Guerilla Games’ Decima game engine. This is the exact engine the studio used to develop “Horizon Zero Dawn,” so it is not really a wonder if the developers try to key in some clues or whatsoever.

Basically, in the game, players will be able to find some hidden items that refer to the items seen on the “Death Stranding” trailer. But the most interesting one is from Norman Reedus’ dog tags or necklace. This is just one of the three items acquirable in the game. They may take a while to locate, but they are a beauty players would not want to miss.

The Tearblaster

Of course, if Aloy has the Shield Weaver in “Horizon Zero Dawn,” she should also have a weapon of destruction. Well, this is exactly where the Tearblaster comes in. However, unlike most weapons in the game, this one needs some efforts from players in order to unlock it. It will be given to players as a reward after finishing a certain side quest.

The Tearblaster in “Horizon Zero Dawn” can be likened to a compressed air shotgun. For a weapon of its kind, it can definitely work magic. It has the firepower perfect to bring down even the toughest of mechanized monsters.