It seems the community will be seeing more of Aloy in “Horizon Zero Dawn.” That is because Sony plans to make a franchise out it. This simply means that more contents, sequels, and updates are expected to arrive in the future.

The announcement the tech giant did automatically puts “Horizon Zero Dawn” on the map. It even enables the game to convey a reputation, one that is directly based on its success. Indeed, the PlayStation 4 exclusive title quickly became a hit iteration in the gaming world.

Game is now a franchise

Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s very own president Shawn Layden confirmed in an interview with The Telegraph that the aforementioned title is now officially a franchise.

He cannot provide any exact details, but he assured the community that developer Guerilla Games will be making more contents and/or updates for the game. Apart from these, they can also expect a sequel and/or follow-up based on the original title. Layden said that they will be in "the Horizon business" for a very long time.

Considering “Horizon Zero Dawn” is already a franchise, this means that a second iteration can be expected in the future. Of course, it will not be there anytime soon, as Sony is still riding with the success of the first title. “The reception for the game has been fantastic,” Layden exclaimed. He executive even went to praise Hermen Hulst, Guerilla Games’ managing director, for creating a roadmap for the game.

Layden said that Hulst has “a very keen mind” on where he exactly wants to take the game.

The future of the game is bright

Indeed, “Horizon Zero Dawn” is going to be one of Sony’s most successful franchise in history. It will soon be at par with Sony Santa Monica’s “God of War” series. For now, though, the first step the game is taking is its DLC called “The Frozen Wilds.” There is no definite release date yet, but it is expected to arrive some this year.

Its details and other gameplay information are also vague, as the studio kept everything under wraps.

More of the “Horizon Zero Dawn’s” contents can be expected in the new months to come. Perhaps, the studio might opt to release another full game to support the game’s story and progress. While these are all promising, it is the developers’ job, for now, to support and promote the original game. So, in a sense, players will get to see more of Aloy in the forthcoming expansions. This is definitely an interesting milestone for the entire community.