Overwatch” quickly became one of the hottest shooter titles of recent memory. Players fell in love with it, most especially the game’s characters. Interestingly, these characters all present a certain balance in the game, something that most titles of the same genre fail to apply.

Each hero in “Overwatch” offers great and amazing skills and/or abilities. However, no matter how powerful they may appear, they always have a counter hero in the game. This means that no character in the game is better than the other, as Blizzard designed them to depend on the user’s skills.

Below are some simple tips to keep in mind to better understand the core of the title.

Audio is important

Believe it or not, the studio developed the game in way that the audio or in-game sound become significant. Remember that footsteps will be casually heard, but the loudest one is of the opponent’s. This basically means that an enemy is just nearby or, if the footsteps become louder, it means the opponent is getting close.

Pay attention to this in “Overwatch,” most especially when on the defending side. A flanker like Genji might just be nearby, sneaking his way to the point. So, as much as possible, wear those headphones and make sure they work accordingly.

Adjust in-game settings

Sometimes, to guarantee a win in games like “Overwatch,” players must feel comfortable with what they are playing.

They must be comfortable with the settings inside the game in particular. For instance, the speed or sensitivity of the mouse should be set according to the players’ preference.

The crosshair, on the other hand, can also be adjusted and changed to player preference. If the default ones do not work, there are other options to choose from.

The idea is to set the game according to personal preference to promote comfort and efficiency.

Learn and stay away from counters

As mentioned, every “Overwatch” character has their own counter in the game. Genji, for instance, can be eliminated quickly by the likes of Winston and/or Roadhog. If faced in such situation, it is better to rely on the team and work together to defeat these counters.

This is very important in the game, most especially if trying to win an objective attacking.

Some players will adjust their roster according to the attackers in “Overwatch.” If faced with a counter, it is best to veer away and find a loophole. Perhaps try fending off the enemy team’s supports like Ana or Mercy. Target high-valued characters instead of the high ground-based characters.