Horizon Zero Dawn” made a huge entry at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). That is because Sony just announced the game’s first DLC, with a trailer to showcase the upcoming content. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The “Horizon Zero Dawn” DLC is titled “The Frozen Wilds,” which suggests a journey towards the coldest of lands. Well, indeed, it is going to feature a lot of snow. Most importantly, the game’s main protagonist, Aloy, will sport a new set of armor called the Shield Weaver Armor.

First content is quite 'chunky'

During the event above, developer Guerilla Games’ very own General Manager Herman Hulst revealed some interesting details about the forthcoming DLC.

He described it as something that is quite “chunky” and that it should come with a new territory located in the northern mountains. Hulst did not explicitly mention the total hours of gameplay, but he said that it is “very beefy.” He even revealed that the content has a “good sized map” for players to explore.

Hulst also announced that “Horizon Zero Dawn” will be getting new quests and challenges. More settlements will also arrive for Aloy to explore, but she will be provided with new weapons to aid her in the journey. On top of all of these, there will be a brand new set of trophies. In its most organic form, the soon-to-be-released DLC continues the endeavors of the main protagonist from the base game.

But this time around, more and darker secrets will unravel.

Why the DLC was developed

Interestingly, the upcoming “Horizon Zero Dawn” content is not just about making money for Guerilla Games and Sony. Hulst revealed that they have a specific reason for creating it. They only want to follow up with the base game’s concept in which players, once the game is completed, will gain the right tools and knowledge.

Provided with enough resources, the content is there to offer players a reason to move forward. He claims that as soon as the game is completed, players would want to do more with what they have. Hence the DLC. As of this writing, the studio has yet to reveal an official release date for the content.

Horizon Zero Dawn” follows the story of Aloy, who is a part hunter and part archer.

She lives in a world dominated by robots and thus has to do everything to survive. Using a various range of weapons, she must utilize these to combat the mechanized monsters and loot the remains to acquire resources. A skill tree has been provided for players to upgrade the character’s abilities and skills. The game comes with the main story, along with a couple of side quests.