An iconic stage and several fighters’ costumes and a classic stage are coming to the popular fighting game, “Street Fighter V.” The classic additions will be available in-game starting July 25. The fighting title has been in the gaming industry for three decades. For years, the game has achieved a list of history ranging from the tunes and legendary special moves among others.

Suzaku Castle

Among the iconic additions coming to the game is Ryu’s classic home stage popularly known as the Suzaku Castle. The stage has undergone a massive redo Newzeb reported.

The temple is where the iconic fighter, Ryu fought many battles during its dominance in arcade games way back 1991. The stage will enable new gamers to relive the classic times. The stage was first introduced in the game second installment in the 90’s.

Classic costumes

Aside from the legendary Ryu stage, three new but iconic costumes will also be introduced in the game. The costumes are from the game’s third installment and were worn by Alex and Ibuki. The classic outfit for Alex appears to have undergone a major overhaul. He has now green jeans that seem to be less ripped compared to his old jeans. As for Ibuki, her soon to be released costume appears to be more rugged than her usual outfit.

Interestingly, it does not come with any shurikens. It seems that the game developer opted to be historically inaccurate with the fighter’s upcoming costume.

Contrasting Alex and Ibuki, Juri’s upcoming costume is derived from the game’s fourth installment. It was in this version that the Taekwondo expert was first introduced to the players in 2010.

The iconic outfit arriving for the fighter is certainly not applicable when she is riding her motorbike. The upcoming costumes are available for PlayStation 4, and Steam. This can be purchased for $3.99 per pack. The pack includes all three costumes.

Currently, a fighting game tournament dubbed as Evo is being held in Las Vegas.

Players are having the time of their lives beating each other all weekend. These current matches can be viewed on the game’s Twitch channel.

Meanwhile, a post on Blasting News reported that Abigail will be the next DLC that will be introduced in the game. The discovery was revealed by a fan when he stumbled upon a hidden page on the game’s official site. The “Final Fight” boss is speculated to be released in the game with a price of $5.99. However, the game developer has not yet commented on this report. We will give you more updates about “Street Fighter V” as soon as we get more information.