Overwatch” is perhaps the most popular shooting-themed title in recent memory. It has an insane player pool, generating millions. This even goes without saying that it is one of the hottest games in eSports now.

According to TheGamer, though, “Overwatch” has tons of interesting secrets. They can even be seen in the game, but players are just too busy fighting they cannot notice them. Well, without further ado, here are three of the most insane secrets from Blizzard’s hit MOBA game.

A disturbing payload

In the game, to win the objective maps, the attacking team must ensure that they payload gets to be delivered to the point.

Interestingly, there is a story behind a particular payload – the one that is in King’s Row. In the lore, the payload is basically an EMP device.

Heck, Junkrat even delivers a short speech referencing the aforementioned “Overwatch” payload. He says, “So we’re delivering a bomb to scrap some bots, and I’m getting paid for it.” Basically, the attack team’s mission is to bring the EMP to the very heart of the omnic’s sanctuary. If successful, it will kill all the “bots,” essentially committing, well, genocide.

The infamous Deadlock Rebels

Believe it or not, one of the heroes in “Overwatch” was once a member of an infamous group. He is none other than McCree, who was involved in a gang called Deadlock Rebels.

They situated in their hometown in Route 66, one of the maps in the game.

The icon of this map in “Overwatch” is the wrecked train, which is just above the attack team’s spawn point. The location is called Deadlock Gorge. In reality, the train carries powerful arms and ammunition. In the map, the payload contains these stolen materials and the attacking team must deliver them to the Deadlock Gang’s hideout.

In the lore, all members of the group were captured and imprisoned. McCree, on the other hand, was given freedom in exchange for a role in the Overwatch team.

Lucio’s secret crime

Lucio is known to be the jolliest character in “Overwatch.” He is upbeat and makes sure that the rest of the guys are “in sync.” But actually, he has a dark secret.

Whenever Symmetra kills Lucio, she says: “A punishment for your crimes.” Lucio, on the other hand, says “that’s for my family back home, stay out of Rio, that’s my turf.” He says this when she kills Symmetra.

It turns out that Symmetra works for Vishkar, the corporation responsible for claiming Lucio’s beloved hometown in Brazil. In return, Lucio sneaks out some of the company’s sound tech, which is now his kit in the game. This became the root cause of their feud.