Players by now should know that Blizzard is gradually revamping the punishment system in “Overwatch.” This is to reprimand the leavers, toxic, and offensive players in the competitive matches. So far, the system is doing a tremendous job of it.

However, there are cases where players get too excited, and as a result, they forget to play as a team in “Overwatch.” This results in them getting reported, as other players did not like what they just experienced. Here are some tips to keep away from being under Blizzard’s radar.

Do not play if the connection is bad

Most of the time, players disconnect simply because their internet connection is not working as intended. But since the game is too good to reject, they still force themselves to play. Alas, disconnection happens again, affecting the overall gameplay experience of other players. Remember: Blizzard does not like it, as it defeats their purpose of keeping the gameplay experience balanced.

So, as much as possible, stop playing “Overwatch” for an hour or so. Wait for the connection to become stable again. Otherwise, players will just keep on reporting. At the end of the day, it is the reputation that matters.

Respect other players

Most “Overwatch” players forget that other players are human, too.

They have their own feelings and that they can easily be distracted as well. So instead of badmouthing and/or blaming them, give them the respect needed. Allow them to enjoy the game as much as possible. There is no need to get angry, so just keep heads cool.

The key here is to work accordingly by picking the right “Overwatch” heroes.

Most players argue that, because their team does not have the right team composition. Some players would even prefer DPS characters even if there are too many of these heroes in the competition. They barely pick the likes of Ana and Mercy. So rather than joining the bandwagon, be the change and help the team by filling the loophole.

Do not add fire to the burned area.

Play the part

Like any other shooter titles, “Overwatch” requires players to play the characters they have picked. So if a DPS character is picked, then the user must do his best to provide the team with damage. If a tank hero like Reinhardt is picked, then the user must always ensure the team’s shield as they advance. The key here is to work harmoniously by playing the picked character correctly.

This is the part that most players forget in “Overwatch.” Even if they play support, they tend to prioritize killing when healing should be their number one concern.