Niantic has been on the roll lately, most especially with the launching of “Pokemon GO Fest.” The real-world event, which took place at Chicago’s Grant Park, did not end successfully, though. Players were unable to log into their accounts, while some were greeted with common issues.

But according to GameSpot, the “Pokemon GO” developer has just released a brand new update. It finally fixed the infamous bug that disturbed the overall gameplay experience of players. Here is everything about the update in a nutshell.

A new update

The newest update for the hit mobile game brought a good number of fixes.

These included the bugs that freeze and crash the game in one way or another. More importantly, it fixed the so-called motivation decay bug, which involved the pocket monsters with less than 3,000 CP (Combat Points). The update also brought back the titular Team Instinct leader named Spark. It is worth noting that he had gone missing, leading to players petitioning for his return.

The new “Pokemon GO” update should bring the Android and iOS versions to 0.69.1 and 1.39.1 respectively. It also fixed the isolated bug that freezes the game soon after six pocket monsters faint during Raid Battles. Moreover, iPhone 6 users will no longer experience the issue that causes the mobile game app to crash in the device.

So far, everything is working just fine. Players are hoping, though, that no surprise bug and/or issue will surface. This usually happens whenever Niantic introduces a brand new update.

A lawsuit was filed against Niantic

Yes, that is right – some of the attendees to the“Pokemon GO Fest” have filed a case against the studio, according to a report by Android Authority.

The complainants insist that the company reimburse them for their travel expenses, as the money spent was not worth it. It should be noted that the real-world event became a horrible experience for the attendees. Some waited in lines for hours just to enter the vicinity, while others had trouble logging into their accounts.

At the end of the day, it was not just worth the money spent. It holds true, though, that the studio refunded the players for the money spent on tickets and credits. But apart from that, nothing else was reimbursed.

The attendees who filed the lawsuit all came from different states. They intentionally flew in just to join the “Pokemon GO” event at Chicago. So far Niantic does not want to comment “on pending legal matters.” This is definitely putting huge pressure on the studio, as they try to redeem their reputation.