Less than two weeks ago, Blizzard released Doomfist on Public Test Realm. Doomfist is the newest offensive hero and so far, "Overwatch" players have enjoyed playing with him. However, to the surprise of many, the hero was not voiced by Terry Crews. Instead, Blizzard chose Sahr Ngaujah to be the Voice Actor. Ngaujah is an American theater director and he's done a great job with Doomfist.

Even though the game added yet another great hero and a voice actor to the roster, many "Overwatch" fans and players were surprised because they expected it to be Terry Crews.

Crews would definitely be one of the biggest names in the game, but he isn't upset that Blizzard chose someone else over him. As a matter of fact, the actor agrees that the game company made a great choice by picking Sahr Ngaujah as a Doomfist voice actor.

Terry Crews praises Blizzard

Crews had nothing but words of praise of Blizzard and their choice for the newest hero's voice actor. Even though fans were upset and surprised by Blizzard's decision, the famous actor was not, as he understood that it was the right move.

"When I saw that Doomfist was created, that they'd went with another guy, the whole thing, it's actually quite perfect," Crews commented. "It's absolutely amazing. I can honestly say that they made a move that's better for the game." It is obvious he doesn't mind that Blizzard didn't choose him for the role.

Even better, he likes their choice and believes the other actor was better for Doomfist.

The actor revealed that he was indeed in consideration for this role. However, he realized that he doesn't want to "the guy that hijacks a game" because Doomfist would have to be different. Considering that Doomfist and Terry Crews have completely different personalities, it is not hard to see what the game developer decided to go with another voice actor.

Having Crews voice Doomfist would completely change the character and he probably wouldn't be a perfect fit.

Crews might still work with Blizzard

Even though he didn't get the Doomfist role, Terry Crews is open to working with Blizzard and being part of "Overwatch." Apparently, the actor is open to doing whatever program Blizzard things would be the best for him.

"If I ever do anything with Blizzard, you watch," Crews said. "It'll be perfect." The actor also said how he believes there will be something between him and "Overwatch" eventually.

Crews is still a fan of the game and Blizzard, so it won't be surprising if we see the collaboration between these two sides soon. Of course, there is also a possibility of Terry Crews being a voice actor for another hero!