"Overwatch" players have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to hero Skins. Currently, there are 321 skins in the game, excluding default ones. The best thing is that Blizzard keeps adding new skins to the game with new events, and the company has released over 70 new skins since the release of "Overwatch."

In this article, we will show you the ten sickest "Overwatch" skins you absolutely must have! Some of these skins are not obtainable at the moment so players will have to wait for a special event to unlock them.

Zarya - Cyberian

Zarya's Cyberian skin is one of the latest additions to the game.

It was obtainable only through Anniversary loot boxes or in-game store. This is one of the most expensive "Overwatch" skins as it cost 3000 coins!

What makes this skin unique is that unlike any of Zarya's other skins, this one covers her entire face, which makes it extra special.

Roadhog - Junkenstein's Monster

Roadhog's skins look rather intimidating and this one is not an exception! Released in Halloween loot boxes, this skin turns the 7-foot-3 tank into Franken...I mean, Junkenstein's monster! Just like Zarya's skin, this one cost 3000 coins if bought in the "Overwatch" store.

Not only does the skin look great, but it's also a great and appropriate addition to your Halloween collection of skins.

Roadhog is a one-man apocalypse and he looks even more terrifying with this skin!

Reinhardt - Bloodhardt

This epic "Overwatch" skin, belongs to yet another tank. Reinhardt is one of the best tanks in the game and while he has many amazing skins to choose from, this one is my absolutely favorite. His Bloodhardt skin looks mesmerizing as it adds greater detail and recolors Reinhardt's armor.

Unlike the previous two skins, this one costs 1000 coins and it doesn't require any special loot boxes to unlock it!

Mercy - Devil

Angela Ziegler, also known as Mercy, is definitely a hero you want on your team. She's a great healer who has the ability to revive her teammates and also do some damage to the enemies. While most of her skins show her as an angel, there is one skin that turns this support hero into a devil!

With her devil skin, Mercy gets a complete overhaul and even her ultimate voice line changes to "Heroes never die!...for a price." How cool is that?!

This skin is another skin you don't need a special loot box for and it costs 1000 coins to acquire it.

Genji - Blackwatch

If you like playing with Genji and hitting your opponents with shurikens, make sure your hero looks fancy while destroying the enemy team! Genji's Blackwatch skin is one of the best looking skins in "Overwatch" and while most of his skins cover his face, this one shows his eyes.

The skin was obtainable through Uprising loot boxes and its price was 3000 coins.

Junkrat - Dr. Junkenstein

First it was Dr. Junkenstein's monster and now we have Dr.

Junkenstein, who is actually Junkrat! Roadhog and Junkrat are criminals who love creating chaos, and their Halloween skins are very appropriate. Players who get this skin will not only get a great visual change for Junkrat, but also two extra voice lines!

As mentioned above, this skin was brought to the game with Halloween Terror event, and just like other legendary event skins, it cost 3000 coins.

Mei - Luna

In late January, Blizzard held a special "Overwatch" event for Chinese New Year. Year of the Rooster event brought 13 new skins to the game and one of them was Luna skin for Mei. Considering that Mei is Chinese, this skin suits her well and it looks awesome!

For those of you who did not obtain it, you will probably have a chance to do so during the next Lunar New Year event.

However, make sure you prepare 3000 coins to buy it, or just pray for a good luck when opening loot boxes!

Hanzo - Cyberninja

Just like his younger brother Genji, Hanzo has some really amazing skins in the game! The most recent skin Hanzo received is a Cyberninja skin which was included in the Anniversary event. The neutral colors of this skin make him look super sleek and stylish.

Once again, the skin costs 3000 coins, but players will most likely have to wait for another Anniversary event to obtain it.

D.Va - Cruiser

Just like Zarya and Hanzo, D.Va also received a great Anniversary skin and she's another tank whose skins we really like. Many of D.Va's skins have a really girly look to them, but this Cruiser skin has just the right amount of edge.

D.Va still looks girly, but with a hint of bad ass mixed into it! Nerf that!

Since it's another legendary skin that's included in Anniversary event, it will cost you 3000 coins to obtain it.

Reaper - Pumpkin

While this skin's name sounds completely normal, it turns Reaper into a terrifying assassin with a pumpkin on his head! Most of Reaper's skins are scary as his face is covered with a creepy mask, but this one replaces his entire head with a pumpkin, and it looks sick!

Unfortunately, it comes with a cost as this "Overwatch" skin was only obtainable for 3000 coins during the Halloween Terror event.