It’s that time of year again. That time when the sporting and gaming world collide for the newest release of most sports games, including Fifa, NBA 2K, Madden NFL, WWE, MLB, NHL, NBA Live and Pro Evolution Soccer. Almost all of these games release their latest version based on the upcoming year around the tail end of the previous year, and that time happens to be coming up very soon.

NBA 2K18 is the newest edition to the NBA 2K series which was first released on November the 10th, 1999 and has been consistently producing the goods almost 18 years later, with the newest 2K game coming out on September 15th of this year.

NBA fans and basketball fans around the world get up and get excited every year for the newest 2K, and any news about the game intrigues them. A few ratings were released the other day, which had fans talking.

A few superstars’ ratings revealed

NBA 2K was doing a commercial shoot with multiple players just this week and as they have done for many years now, they found an interesting way to release some ratings to the players and the fans. They told multiple players what their ratings would be right to their face with their reaction shown to the camera. Most players were hoping for and wanting a higher rating which was expected, but the likelihood is that they will increase as the 2017-18 season progresses, it happens most of the time.

So here’s the ratings we know so far:

  • Paul George – 91
  • Kyrie Irving – 90
  • Isaiah Thomas – 89
  • Damian Lillard – 89
  • Joel Embiid – 86

Most players didn’t get the rating they wanted, before his rating was revealed to him, Isaiah said “I think my rating should be 96 or higher”. Paul George also had high hopes, saying “I’m gonna be modest, I should be about a 92..

93”. But both players were stunned to find out they weren't as appreciated as they thought they would be. The same went for Kyrie Irving.

No cover athlete love?

The cover athlete for NBA 2K18 is Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, Kyrie Irving. But unlike some previous years, the cover athlete isn’t getting a boosted rating for the sake of it this year.

Kyrie Irving was asked what he believes his rating should be, he stated: “I think my rating should be…add in a few factors: cover athlete, cover athlete, cover athlete, than I should atleast be a 95+.”

Unfortunately for the Cavaliers all-star point guard, he will have some work to do as he has been rated a 90 by NBA 2K. But on the bright side, Uncle Drew said “It’s motivating me now, by the end of the season, mark my words, I will be a 93+. You guys gotta stop playing me with my rating”.