With the release of the newest NBA 2K video game just around the corner, the buzz and excitement of NBA and basketball fans around the world is flowing. And the recent release of some NBA 2K star player ratings has had the fans, the media, and the NBA world talking.

During an NBA 2K18 commercial shoot this week, a few NBA superstars including Paul George, Isaiah Thomas, Damian Lillard, Joel Embiid and cover athlete Kyrie Irving came along to not only be part of an advertisement for the new game but to also hear their NBA 2K18 ratings. None of them predicted correctly what their ratings would be, and are now more or less just determined to prove 2K wrong this upcoming 2017-18 season.

Paul George talks about his and LeBron’s 2k rating

Paul George was excited to be featured in the NBA 2K18 commercial shoot and was even more excited to find out his rating for the basketball video game. Although he had a reasonably high expectation of his rating, expecting a 92 or 93, when he was told he would be rated a 91 in the upcoming game, he stayed optimistic saying “That’s solid. That means by the end of the season I’ll be like a 98… 99”. Although the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar was joking, he was also being serious.

The 4-time all-star also had a take on what rating he believes King James should be in NBA 2K18, a guy he holds a lot of respect for and has had many battles with in the past.

PG13 wasn’t asked about LeBron’s rating for the game, but he still decided to mention it when comparing his rating to the best in the league. George said, “I battled against LeBron last year, went toe to toe with him, he is probably a 97.. 98”. Their battle last year wasn’t the only great duel between these two superstars during their careers though.

LeBron and George have had their battles

As Paul George mentioned, both himself and Cleveland Cavaliers superstar small forward, LeBron James have had their battles and duels in the past. Matching up against each other in the playoffs for three straight years while James was apart of the big three Miami Heat era and Paul was young and playing with the uprising Indiana Pacers squad.

They also met last season, in the first round of the 2017 NBA playoffs. This was an exciting series, although it ended in a sweep for Cleveland, and could also be a huge reason for George’s departure from Indiana in the offseason, along with president Larry Bird leaving the team.

But now that Paul George is a member of the OKC Thunder, we may not see any more of these playoff battles in the future due to the separate conferences, unless they meet in the Finals. But with the powerhouses of Golden State, Houston, and San Antonio, that might be a tall task. But let’s not forget the chance that they may team up one day in Cleveland, it almost happened this year and could be a recipe for the future,