At the moment, there are 24 heroes in "Overwatch" and one player managed to record at least 100 hours played on each hero! Sounds crazy, right? Well, Treeboydave managed to achieve this impressive feat after spending over 2,400 hours on the game. He did this while playing in quick game mode and his persistence is nothing but amazing!

Treeboydave's main character was Mercy and once he reached 100 Hours played with her, he decided to switch to Mei and play her to the 100-hour mark. Eventually, he decided to get every hero to 100 hours and there is no doubt that he is more skilled with every hero than an average "Overwatch" player.

Math behind it

Spending 100 hours in quick games means that he had to play more than 700 games per hero. So far, Treeboydave has won 9117 quick games and lost 9832 of them, for a 48.1-percent win rate. He's played most games with Torbjorn, 821, and least games with Mei, 759.

2,400 hours equals 100 days, which is three and a half months. Considering that "Overwatch" has been out for 13 months, it sounds insane that he's spent so much time playing it. However, his dedication and will are impressive. In a Reddit post from three months ago, Treeboydave said he has a lot of time to dedicate to "Overwatch." The player said he works for four hours, then he has four hours off, which gives him time to play the game.

At the moment, he is level 2,992, which ranks him second in the world on PC platform. Furthermore, he is fourth in the world as there are two Playstation 4 players who've already hit level 3,000.

'Overwatch' achievements

If you are not impressed with Treeboydave's dedication to complete the 100-hour challenge for every single hero in the game, there is more!

Beside spending all these hours playing "Overwatch," the player has unlocked almost every hero achievement. He made it his side-mission while playing "Overwatch" as he wanted to achieve as much as possible.

What's next?

Apparently, getting 100 hours played on every "Overwatch" character was not the ultimate goal. Treeboydave now wants to get every character to 150 hours, but he will most likely do it while playing in all modes instead of just quick games.

This way, he can have more fun and play different modes while going for his goal. Getting 50 extra hours on every single hero will require at least 50 more days of his time, but considering what he's achieved so far, we have no reason to doubt his dedication!