Blizzard released Doomfist on "Overwatch" Public Test Realm a few weeks ago and the Hero will be released to live servers next week. There's a lot of hype surrounding Doomfist as he is a unique offensive hero and players can't wait to start playing with him. However, even though this hero hasn't been released for everyone yet, there are already some theories about the next hero.

Reddit user OverwatchSarah recently posted some interesting information regarding the next "Overwatch" hero. If the user is right, players might get another hero this November.

However, there are no details about the hero and it's hard to say who it will be. It seems that Blizzard is once again giving players subtle hints, and these hints may lead to a new hero.

New 'Overwatch' hero coming in November?

It seems that Blizzard gave a few hints about the next hero in the comic they released about Doomfist. On page six of the comic, Doomfist and a red-eyed omnic are having a strategic discussion that is interrupted by Widowmaker who's playing game of craps right next to them. The dice are rolled twice and they give number seven the first time. Second time, it is number eleven.

Now, these numbers are seemingly irrelevant, however, each time a casino guy calls out the number, he says "next player" after it.

In this case, it was, "Seven, eleven, next player!" Seven and eleven would indicate November 7. Even though dates in the US are specified with month-day, most of the world uses day-month, and this could be a hint that points at the release date of the next hero.

Blizzcon will take place in early November, which would give the game company plenty of time to announce the new hero and put it on Public Test Realm.

Also, Blizzard has released new heroes every three to four months, and it will be a bit more than three months between Doomfist's release to live servers and November 7.

The comic paid a lot of attention to this dialogue, which seems rather irrelevant. Because of this, a lot of players believe that Blizzard is once again giving hints about a new hero.

Counter evidence

The casino guy said "eleven" in the comic, but the dice show two ones, which is not eleven, but just two. While November 7 would make a lot of sense as the release or reveal date for a new hero, this theory might be wrong because of this.

However, there is a reason why the casino guy said that specific number, and this gives a lot of hope to "Overwatch" players.