"Overwatch" players are around a week away from Doomfist's release to live servers! This hero is currently playable only on Public Test Realm, but soon, everyone will have a chance to punch, smash and obliterate opponents with this powerful offensive hero! Doomfist won't be available in competitive games for one week after his release, but he will be usable in quick and arcade modes.

Beside the hero, Blizzard will add more amazing things with this Patch and "Overwatch" players are definitely looking forward to it. Redditor Seaxonal compiled the list of every big thing that's coming with the patch and a few speculations of what could be added to it, so let's take a look!

What we know about the patch

While Doomfist will definitely be the biggest addition in the upcoming patch, players will also receive major changes to loot boxes. While "Overwatch" players will not see an increase in acquisition of Legendary items, chances of receiving a duplicate item will be drastically reduced. Furthermore, players will receive credits more often, which should help them get more hero items even faster.

The new patch also brings reworked game highlights. Players will be able to record and save their highlights in the game without any game-recording software. What makes this feature even more amazing is that PC players will be able to make highlights with even better graphics options than their computer can run.

Custom games will receive a small change as they will have their own menu. At the moment, custom games can be found under Arcade menu, but that won't be the case after the next patch as these games will be treated as a separate mode.

Lastly, players will be given full control over their crosshairs. "Overwatch" will allow its players to fully customize what their crosshairs look like.

Furthermore, there will be no need to for leaving the pause menu as there will be a preview of a custom crosshair.

Things that might be added in the patch

Although it hasn't been confirmed, the next patch might bring new player portraits. A new portrait was seen in a Doomfist gameplay video, which led players to believe that this will be added soon.

Summer Games event might come with the next patch as well. Last year, the event started on August 2, so it won't be surprising if it starts a few days earlier this year. There have been a lot of leaks which indicated that Summer Games will be released together with Doomfist, but there has been no official confirmation.