Even though Doomfist hasn't been released to live servers yet, many "Overwatch" players are eagerly waiting to test him. His playing style is unique as he's a melee damage dealer, and players will have to adapt to this style in order to be successful with him.

Doomfist is capable of dealing devastating damage to enemies if used correctly. He also has 250 health and can gain up to 150 shield, which makes him very durable during fights.

Here are some tips to help you play with this offensive hero and use him the right way...

Use Rocket Punch a lot

Even though Rocket Punch received a nerf in distance, it's still an incredible ability and you should use it to initiate fights.

The ability deals up to 100 damage, depending on charge and 49 to 150 extra damage if the enemy hits the wall. When fully charged, Rocket Punch can one-shot most heroes in the game, so make sure you charge it before you use it.

If your punch doesn't eliminate the target immediately, use your Hand Cannon to finish the enemy off. The cannon is capable of dealing up to 66 damage per shot and with 4 ammo, it should be more than enough to finish off low-health targets.

However, you should not rely on Hand Cannon as your primary damage-dealing ability. Rocket Punch is great for initiating fights as well as dealing massive damage. Furthermore, you can use this ability to move quickly around the map as Doomfist will quickly cover the distance of 23 meters after using it.

Pick a target, wreak havoc and get out!

Doomfist is great when it comes to singling targets out and taking them down. His incredible mobility and damage potential make him extremely deadly, so you should use it to your advantage.

Considering that his Rocket Punch is capable of taking down most enemies in just one hit, Doomfist should pick a target and quickly take it down with his abilities.

This is extremely useful for eliminating opposing healers, especially heroes like Zenyatta, who don't have high mobility.

However, keep in mind that it's most important to keep yourself alive. Even though Doomfist has decent survivability, his hitbox is quite big and he can be taken down easily if the opposing team focuses on him.

Ideally, you want to close the gap on your enemies, take them down and run away using your abilities.

Dismantle the opposing team with your ultimate

Doomfist's ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, is one of the strongest ultimates in the game. The hero leaps in the air and he is invulnerable before he slams the ground and delivers his ultimate. This ability deals 300 damage at the epicenter, while it also deals less damage to in the outer circle.

Considering that he deals significantly more damage at the epicenter, you will want to use this ability when enemies are grouped up. Preferably, you would combine this ultimate ability with Zarya's Graviton Surge as this combo can potentially score a team kill!

How to counter Doomfist

Since Doomfist heavily depends on his abilities, one of the best heroes to pick against him is Sombra. If you manage to hack Doomfist with her, he won't be able to run away from the fight nor will he be able to deal massive damage with his abilities. At the same time, his big hitbox will allow players to burn his health down quickly and Sombra's machine pistol can do a lot of damage in this situation.

Another good counter would be Pharah. Doomfist's cannot deal ranged damage nor can he hit her with Rocket Punch consistently. On the other side, Pharah's rockets can inflict a lot of damage to Doomfist as he isn't hard to hit. Beside Pharah, Widowmaker and Hanzo are also great counters as they can deal massive damage while staying out of Doomfist's range.

Reaper is also good for countering Doomfist, even though he is a close-range hero. His shotguns are lethal, especially when it comes to taking tanks down. Even though Doomfist is not a tank, his large hitbox and big health pool make it easy for Reaper to kill him easily and also regenerate his own health while doing it.

When it comes to tank counters for Doomfist, Orisa is probably the best choice. Her abilities are great for countering the opposing hero in terms of defense and her Fusion Driver is good enough to do significant damage. Once again, Doomfist's large hitbox is an issue as it gives Orisa an easy target while her abilities allow her to survive against his attacks.