The long-awaited beta phase of “Destiny 2” finally arrived, giving players a glimpse of what the sequel will offer. There were tons of Easter eggs and secrets, all acquired from the game’s beta. Heck, there was even a reference to a song written by the great Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

According to GameRant, “Destiny 2players just recently discovered a very interesting in-game capability. It is unlike any experience in the original, thus the discovery came as a surprise. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Cabal ships can be taken down

Believe it or not, Cabal ships in the sequel can actually be taken down by shooting them. It is worth noting that these ships is the very empire that is controlled by Dominus Ghaul, who is basically the game’s main antagonist. It is why there is utter excitement from the community after knowing that these ships can be eliminated. Upon knowing, players went to different social media sites to share their experience.

Some “Destiny 2” players even tried using the technique that the allied NPC Ikora did in one of the game’s first trailer. Unfortunately, bombs are just incapable, as they cannot reach the ship. As players throw them on air, hoping to at least scratch the ships with the explosives, the ships simply take off.

This is not to mention the fact that the health bars stay intact.

Can this be done in the official version?

As exciting as it may be in “Destiny 2,” it still remains to be unofficial. There is no word from developer Bungie confirming that Cabal ships can be taken down by firepower. Remember: this functionality is only in beta, therefore, changes can be expected as soon as the official game arrives.

The studio might either include it or not, but this can only be confirmed during the title’s forthcoming release. Nonetheless, players are airing their opinions, saying that the video game company should do it. They iterate that there is fun in taking down the Cabal ships.

Interestingly, some “Destiny 2” players opted to give Bungie a reason to add the functionality in the sequel.

They said that through the Cabal ships (once taken down), they can scavenge parts to be used for repairs or something. Clearly, this could be an interesting endgame content, giving players another reason to fight the Cabal warriors. At the end of the day, this does not sound like a bad idea. It is even a huge boost to the game’s success. So hopefully, the studio realizes this and decides to apply .it