Remember last time when Niantic talked about Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO?” Well, that was actually months ago. Interestingly, there are reports suggesting that the highly anticipated beasts are just inches away from the game.

According to GameRant, multiple users have reportedly seen “Test” events appeared in almost all “Pokemon GO” raids. These are only available in specific locations in the world, thus explain the vagueness of its existence. However, most players believe that Niantic is actually doing these tests on purpose.

What the test raids are

Players on Reddit suggest that test events started appearing on some areas in San Francisco as well as the Pacific coast. Interestingly, these areas are just near Google and Niantic’s main headquarters. Therefore, it makes total sense why the tests, if they are really true, only exist on that part of the world. In fact, players have been sharing images featuring both the raid and test activities in-game.

One image displays a level 5 raid or Legendary test in “Pokemon GO.” The reason why players dubbed it test because the images displays “Tests” on it. The photo also showcase a total of five little Pokeskulls, indicating the highest level of difficulty in Raid Battles. They might just be placeholders, but they are enough to keep the hype going within the community.

Where it all started

This hype about Legendary creatures resurfaced thanks a “Pokemon GO” rumor. Basically, it says that a tier 5 raid is about to set its foot in the raid system within summer. The bosses in this tier are believed to be the special beasts. It somehow makes sense, as the only area in the game where these creatures can make an impact is in raids.

Obviously, it would make the game imbalance if Niantic allows players to own these beasts. This would completely defeat the purpose of making the title clean and exploit-free.

But of course, since Niantic has yet to confirm it, it remains to be a mystery in “Pokemon GO.” Still, players will just have to hold on to the studio’s promise of releasing the Legendary Pokemon in summer.

For now, it is better to shift their focus on the upcoming “Pokemon GO Fest” at Chicago’s Grant Park. The real-world event will offer tons of exciting stuff to players who bought tickets just to join the event. Interestingly, Niantic wants players from all over the word to join event through a challenge. Basically, it would require players from Chicago and other country in the world to work together to unlock a mystery challenge.