The "Persona" series has become a major hit over the past few years and has even gained immense popularity since Atlus released the fifth game. The central theme for the series usually revolves around a set of teenagers who gain an ability known as Persona which they use to combat demons or shadows in a paranormal setting.

In line with this, the series is roughly based on Jungian psychology with the Personas reflect mythological figures from history that tie in with their owner's traits. Each prominent figure has a unique design and members of the party have special Personas upon awakening that cannot be caught in dungeons.

While all of them are special, here are some of the best Personas in terms of lore and design.


This specific figure first appeared in the fifth installment as Ann Takamaki's Persona. Carmen is originally is the lead character in her titular opera wherein she acts as a gypsy who steals the hearts of men. This character is a prime example of the femme fatale trope and is the perfect match for Ann who shares the same qualities in terms of charm and beauty. Carmen specializes in Agi skills and is seen dragging around two men-like creatures that act as a symbolism of her feminine wiles. If you max out Ann's social link, Carmen will transform to Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft.


This prominent Greek figure first appeared in "Persona 3" as the main Persona of the Protagonist. After moving into his new dorm, the protagonist has a dangerous encounter with Shadows and calls upon Orpheus for the very first time.

In mythology, this figure is the son of Thracian king Oeagrus and must of Calliope. Orpheus was a gifted musician and earned several nicknames like "Father of Songs" and "Master of Strings." In the "Persona" series, he starts off with the most basic skills like Agi and Bash. If the player picks the female option in the portable version of the game, Orpheus will be portrayed as a female.

Konohana Sakuya

Konohana Sakuya first appeared in the fourth game as Yukiko Amagi's initial Persona. In Japanese mythology, she is the daughter of the mountain god Ouyamatsumi who was accused of infidelity after getting pregnant on the first night of her marriage with Ninigi. To prove her loyalty, she stood in a burning hut and said that if she was faithful, the fire would not touch her and she emerged unscathed in the end. In the game series, Konohana Sakuya specializes in Agi and healing skills. If the player maxes out Yukiko's social link, Konohana Sakuya will transform into Amaterasu and eventually Sumeo-Okami.