Despite the ups and downs, “Pokemon GO” remains the most played game on the mobile platform. The figure does not mean thousands, but rather millions. Players all over the world are certainly captured by the hit augmented reality game.

Apparently, among all “Pokemon GO” players in the world, the Japanese stand out from the rest. Remember: they all hail from the motherland of Pokemon. Well, they are not popular for capturing a great number of pocket monsters, though. Instead, they spend more money than any other countries playing the game.

The biggest spenders in the game

According to GameSpot, a well-known analytics firm called Sensor Tower revealed that Japanese players spend more money than any other players in the world. Believe it or not, the average player from the Land of the Rising Sun spends as much resources per month as players in a total of four countries combined. This statistical report is actually quite compelling.

The firm looked at how much players tend to spend on in-game purchases in “Pokemon GO,” both on the iOS and Android platforms, for a year. This took place from July 2016 to July this year, and it turned out that Japanese fans spend at least $26 each in the game on a monthly basis. The second spot was acquired by the Americans, who spend much lower amounts at $ 7.70 per month.

Canada came third with around $7.60 per month.

The difference in the statistics

Although Japanese “Pokemon GO” players spend more in a month, it is still the Americans who generated the most money for Niantic over the course of year. They reportedly accumulated a whopping $424 million dollars worth of in-game purchases. The latest data for the game shows that the studio acquired $1.2 billion revenue worth worldwide, with over 752 million downloads on both iOS and Android.

There is no doubt that “Pokemon GO” is off to a very good year. It appears that the struggles the game encountered did not do anything significant to the game’s overall sales. Obviously, Niantic is popping champagne right now. This is perhaps why Niantic is starting to make the first-year anniversary event a little bit more interesting.

As a matter of fact, the upcoming “Pokemon GO Fest” will give players from all over the world a chance to participate. Players from all around the globe who cannot be physically present at Chicago’s Grant Park can still reap the rewards and bonuses of the forthcoming event.