Niantic Labs deployed today a new "Pokemon Go" update that will roll out exciting news for players who are gearing up for the next big event for the augmented reality game. The Chicago fest will start on July 22 and is anticipated to offer exciting opportunities to players. However, several players have noticed that the latest challenges being offered by the game developers seem a preparation for the coming of the Legendary Raid Event.

Upcoming Chicago Festival

During the Chicago Fest, three Challenge Windows will be launched. Trainers all over the world could work with those in Chicago to unlock global rewards.

A Mystery Challenge already confirmed by Niantic will be unlocked at the Grant Park if all the trainers all over the world are able to come up with a significant amount of creatures collected. This will further open the game's Global rewards phase that will be available to everyone in the next day.

The speculations about the upcoming Legendary Raid event become louder when Niantic Labs teased the fans. The game developer teased the trainers to tag their family and friends along in making the biggest celebration in the history of the augmented reality title. The highly anticipated event is set to kick off next weekend, so players will have much time to prepare for the event.


Players must visit several "Pokemon Go" Gym locations prior to the event.

There are several claims that the game developer will be boosting these before the festival by adding hundreds of fresh gyms. The game will tie-up with its other title, Ingress. The title has an Open Portal Recon or OPR tool that allows high-level Ingress players to add new points of interest to the game by checking on submissions.

Apparently, this is monitored by Niantic Labs since they are also using the data from the OPR tool to update the Gyms and Stops of the augmented reality game. Currently, only Ingress players at level 12 and up can review the Open Portal Recon submissions. In other words, more players will be able to review the list with the levels now lowered.

In also means more Gyms, Stops, and raids can be spun. Also, more supplies can be built up for the Legendary raid event in Chicago.

Schedules of challenges

The first phase of the three activities in the "Pokemon Go" Chicago Festival will start on July 22 at 11 AM and will last for 30 minutes. This will then be followed by the second phase at 12 NN and the third phase by 3 PM.