Role-playing games aka RPGs are one of the staple genres in video games. Here, players will usually take control of characters or even their own avatar and play out their roles within a narrative. There are plenty of traditional RPGs that set the standard for games today because of their amazing narrative and relatable characters. Since modern gaming is taking a more realistic and streamlined approach, here are some classic RPGs that deserve a full-on remake.

'Final Fantasy VI'

The sixth installment in the "Final Fantasy" franchise originally released on the SNES before being ported to the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance.

The game follows the story of Terra, a girl who was brainwashed by the Empire and joins up with the rebel group known as the Returners.

The game also makes a dramatical turn during the second half as players will control Celes and try to bring the group back together. "Final Fantasy VI" keeps the traditional turn-based battle system and boasts the most number (14) of playable characters in the series. Seeing as how Square Enix has been remaking and remastering their games, they could decide to work on the sixth game in the future.


"Xenogears" was the product of rushed development, yet the game still managed to win over many fans when it released. "Xenogears" released on the PlayStation and told the story of protagonist Fei Wong and his friends who seek to overthrow the rule of Deus.

While the plot was pretty solid during the first disc, everything else was pretty rushed in the second disc. Aside from the turn-based combat, the game also placed emphasis on robots for its combat system. Remaking the game would be a great way to properly explain the narrative while improving its other various features.

'Breath of Fire III'

The "Breath of Fire" series is one of the most iconic Rpg franchises that hasn't been getting much attention over the recent years. The third game in the series released back in 1997 for the PlayStation before being ported over to the PSP. Just like the other entries, "Breath of Fire III" focuses on protagonist Ryu who is trying to uncover the mystery of his people and also trying to reunite with his family.

Battles are carried out in a traditional turn-based fashion with players having to input their actions before the characters perform them. The "Breath of Fire" series could use some much-needed love and remake the third game should do the series justice.