The fifth installment of the highly anticipated first-person shooter game from Ubisoft will have a richer Customization. “far cry 5” brags a ton of in-game customization of weapons and resources. The upcoming title can be beaten in the same length of time as its predecessors in the series.

New customization system

Lead Writer Drew Holmes revealed several details about Ubisoft’s fifth game installment in a recent interview conducted by Gaming Bolt. According to him, new features related to the game’s customization that players have not yet experienced will be introduced in “Far Cry 5.”

When asked what the new customization would bring, the lead writer said that players will have more weapons to play around with.

He also added that several improvements that were implemented in the previous game installment would still be in the upcoming title. Holmes also emphasized that the game will have a robust school system. So far, this is the only information about the customization of the game. There are no specifics yet as to how these will be implemented or how the new system will work. Hopefully, more of this will be revealed soon as the game approaches its release date.

Length of the game

Aside from giving fans an idea of the customization system, Holmes also revealed the length of the entire game. According to the lead writer, players can expect that the game will take about as long to beat as the previous installments in the FC series.

Interestingly, players will enjoy more content in about the same time frame of approximately 20-30 hours.

There were also earlier reports of more features being changed for the upcoming fifth game installment. Among the interesting details earlier revealed about the upcoming title is the absence of the towers and mini-maps.

These are usually used to look for adjacent points of interest and in-game resources. According to Ubisoft, these elements were dropped because they want to encourage a sense of exploration among players. By taking these two elements out, players will be forced to roam around the map to look for the resources and not just stay on these guides.

Ubisoft’s upcoming title has already drawn attention from critics and fans. The first teaser and poster that were earlier released draw a flock of both positive and negative reactions. Even the game’s setting in Montana raised several eyebrows from the gaming community. Nevertheless, Ubisoft’s approach of hyping the game has been effective.

Far Cry 5” is slated to be released on Feb. 27, 2018. The first-person game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.