Tekken 7” just recently claimed that the latest hero of “Overwatch” is inspired by one of their game characters. Among the heroes that were introduced to the popular first-person shooter game, Doomfist is the most hyped. His name surfaces every time Blizzard hints something about a new game hero. In fact, his release is the most anticipated update from the game developer. With the amount of attention the hero is getting, it is interesting how other titles are trolling the rocket punching hero.

Doomfist is Jack?

On their official Twitter account, “Tekken 7” posted something that drew interest from thousands of fans of both games.

The Japanese fighting game claims that the “Overwatch” latest hero Doomfist has similarities with their game’s playable character Jack. They even went to great lengths of putting the images of both characters side-by-side to show the resemblance. Jack is also a masculine character with some abilities similar to the Nigerian hero of Blizzard.

In the game, there are actually many Jacks, but the playable Jack is a killing military robot that was developed by the Soviet Union. When the Russian army heard about Kazuya’s plan of launching a worldwide coup d’ etat, they sent Jack to the tournament to kill him.

The robot was destroyed and was tied into a machine.

While the tweet sparked interest among fans of both games, the striking resemblance is consistent. In the tweet posted by “Tekken 7,” the Doomfist that they use is not the base but it was clothed in one of its skins. While his complexion does not entirely resemble that of Jack, his Mohawk hair and his build speak a lot of similarities.

Fans reactions

Fans also reacted to the post. Aside from also noticing the striking resemblance, they believed that similarities are fine as long as contents are not the same. There are other fans who compared the Nigerian hero to “Samurai Showdown” character Neinhalt Sieger.

Doomfist is currently in the game’s public test region and is waiting for its official release.

Blizzard recently rolled out the hero’s skins, emotes, sprays, and voicelines. His abilities were revealed during his launch on the PTR. Recently, the game developer rolled out some change on his Rocket Punch. Blizzard nerfed the Rocket Punch’s range from 30 meters to only 20 meters. Fans are expecting more changes will be rolled out to the game’s latest hero before it will be finally released.

I will give you more updates about your favorite game, “Overwatch” as soon as information becomes available. The game is playable on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, while the PTR can only be accessed through a PC platform.