One of the subclasses that players will encounter in “Destiny 2” is the Sentinel Titan. Fans have learned more details about this particular class recently through the gameplays released by Bungie. Today, another set of information has been made available about this Titan subclass.

Sentinel Titan

Bungie, through IGN, released a video today detailing the gameplay and the design dropped for the Titan Sentinel subclass of “Destiny 2." The footage not only boasts the Super of the subclass, but it also reveals its many functionalities. Interesting, the game developer shied away in making the subclass as a slow tank that is hardly moving.

Instead, Bungie designed it as equipped with both defensive capabilities and mobile offensives.


Contrasting the way the Sentinel Titan was introduced in the previous game installment, Bungie takes it to a higher notch. In the first game episode, players using the subclass experienced that their guards were obstructed by the character’s slow movement. In fact, according to Senior Sandbox Designer Claude Jerome, players could not even make the Sentinel lift and move very fast when it is in its Super.

Among the latest abilities of the Sentinel includes Shield Toss. This is a new game mechanics designed to affect a more fluid gameplay. During the character’s Super form, a Void Shield is automatically equipped.

The video shows that when the Super is activated, the subclass can apparently transform and act like the iconic Captain America and use the shield as its weapon.Players can also perform Shied Bash to crush the opponents. This replaces the previous game’s Shoulder Charge.


One of the defenses of the Sentinel Titan shown in the video is the Ward of Dawn.

This can be achieved by just pressing the buttons to activate the Super. It is a massive defensive bubble that encloses the player. It was also shown in the game’s reveal trailer when enemies first assaulted the city. Interestingly, even with the bubble, the player can still fight and are not locked inside it. Moreover, Bungie has improved the bubble by integrating visual cues that will indicate the health of the bubble.

So far, fans have already known the Sentinel Titan, the Arcstrider Hunter, and the Dawnblade Warlock as the subclasses available in the game.As the game approaches its release window, more details about these subclasses are expected to be revealed.

Meanwhile, you can check out the latest video released by Bungie through IGN below. This will give you more inputs about the Sentinel Titan in “Destiny 2.”